WOOL IS JUST ONE OF THE ‘secret ingredients’ in a new Kiwi-made fencing batten which is also completely recyclable at the end of its life.

Newly launched, the Styx Batten SE uses a polymer blended with wool fibre, and features a patented locking system, this fencing product is a future-forward alternative to traditional wood battens.

The high-quality, UV resistant material is designed specifically for use on farms and to replace treated wooden timber battens which cannot be recycled (and have traditionally been used on thousands of hectares of farmland around the country).

The Styx Battens SE flex and bend, absorbing animal impact and creating a stronger, more durable fencing solution for farmers. Because of the plastic construction, these 100% recyclable battens also act as a giant insulator, allowing any wire – or all wires – to be hot.

Designed and made inChristchurch, the Styx Batten SE is a collaboration between two NZ companies, Styx Solutions and Shear-Edge.

Barbed wire is not needed to stop battens moving along the fence, as the tapered slot locking system makes it very difficult to move the batten once installed.

Lightweight and requiring no additional fasteners, the battens can be installed in just seconds by one person, offering a highly efficient solution to repairing or replacing existing batten fences.

• Visit www.styxsolutions.com