Blair Drysdale has had his vaccinations but fears mandates are bringing division to the nation.

Slam the Christmas tree up and call it a bloody year already. I don’t need to highlight why of course, but I’m going to have a damned good rant anyway. We are all just completely over it and want some resemblance of normality back in our lives. But I fear we are only just about to feel the brunt of this pandemic in New Zealand.  

What worries me as much as the virus itself is the division and discrimination amongst society due to individuals’ vaccine choice and beyond that the vaccine mandates which I whole heartedly disagree with. 

People are being pitted against each other because of their personal choices, friend against friend, colleague against colleague and in some cases family member against family member. Some of the damage being done is going to be very hard to repair.

Those eligible in our house are vaccinated and I have no fear of those that aren’t, if the vaccine was any good, everyone wears a mask and sanitises their hands then there’s nothing to worry about is there? Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. 

It sickens me that any parents that have children in our education system and are not vaccinated can no longer take part in their child’s education. 

It sickens me that any parents that have children in our education system and are not vaccinated can no longer take part in their child’s education. No assembly, pet day or school camp attendance for them now, made to stay outside the school gate like a rabid dog. The unintended consequence of vaccine mandates is losing teachers, doctors, nurses, fire personnel and police and we are in dire need of them all more than ever.    

I think if the Government had given us more vaccine options and had ordered them early like they led us to believe, then we as a nation would be in a much better position. 

This government couldn’t run a bath without destroying the bathroom, they’re completely and utterly useless with zero ownership or culpability when it comes to their failures. And when the going gets tough another fluff piece appears in our media about Jacinda or Clarke, absolutely pathetic attempts at deflection from a portion of our media that are seemingly nothing more than Labour party shills these days. 

We have a Government that just does what it likes, when it likes without much or sometimes any amount of thought, democracy is crumbling before our very eyes. They’ve broken more promises and told more lies than a disgruntled three-year-old child. 

Three Waters is a prime example of this with Nanaia Mahuta mandating her policy weeks before public consultation had ended, ignoring the worries of just about every council in the country and essentially stealing our infrastructure that some of us have paid for and been rated on for decades. It’s plain theft. If I were to take the neighbour’s water tank because I thought I could make better use of it and maintain it better, the police would be knocking on the door. Who knows what they’re going to do in the last half of what is hopefully their last term. 

Anyway, as I write this we’re receiving some very good and much needed rain here which will help all the crops immensely, everything is looking really good right now and it’s only the hemp and swedes left to go in the ground. 

We’ve put another relatively unknown crop called Gold Of Pleasure in this season to see what we can do with it as far as pressing it for oil is concerned, which has similar properties to hemp oil but doesn’t have any limiting legislation around it determining the use of it.

As we head towards Christmas just remember to have respect for those that make different personal choices, have different thoughts and share different opinions to yourself. We’re all human and should be treated as such. Have a great Christmas, drive safe and charge a bloody big glass to a better 2022 on New Year’s Eve. Cheers all.