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  1. Dear Jackie
    I’m doing an overview of the progress of the world harvest this week.
    Could you help me with at name and a phone number of a farmer or another person I could contact. I’ll call him/her to hear about the progress of the harvest of grains, canola or what is relevant to harvest in your country right now.
    Kind regards
    Frederik Thalbitzer, Denmark

    T +45 3339 4741 | M +45 2011 9270 | E lft@landbrugsmedierne.dk
    Vester Farimagsgade 6 • DK-1606 København V

    1. Hi Frederik,

      Harvest is well over here, but one of our contributing journalists, Andrew Swallow would be able to give you an idea of how it went, finished a few months ago.
      Andrew’s contact is andrewswallow@clear.net.nz
      He lives in the cropping area and will be able to give a contact for a cropping farmer if you also want one.
      Hope this helps,
      Get back to me if you need more,
      Cheers, Jackie

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