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Country-Wide is New Zealand’s only dedicated pastoral and arable farming magazine, available on subscription.

It is a trusted farm management publication, delivering content on red meat, wool and arable farming topics. Each issue gives you independent, credible and often exclusive information to help run your farm business better.

• Pasture management information
• Animal health and management information
• Exclusive market analysis
• In-depth stories about successful farmers
• Farm life and well-being stories
• New research and technology reports
• News, views and updates
• Inspiring stories on industry movers and shakers

Country-Wide uses expert writers to drill down into the how and why in its stories. Our writers are experienced, award-winning agricultural journalists. They are also farmers, farm consultants and agricultural science graduates – writers who know farming.

Country-Wide has been published for more than 40 years and is highly regarded by its readers.

2019 Winner of the Rongo Award -

recognising excellence in agricultural journalism


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