We've got some great news - Country-Wide is now classified as essential media!

That means we are back to business as usual, creating and delivering our great publications to farmers nationwide during the lockdown period.
There was lots of speculation that rural media, and particularly our titles, would remain outside the essential media category. But thanks to the lobbying efforts by politicians from all sides of the House, farming organisations, other rural media companies and ourselves, the Government overturned its earlier decision to classify rural media as non-essential throughout the lockdown period.

We owe all those individuals who supported our efforts a massive thank you. It's the right decision for Government to make at this time, especially given the importance of agriculture to New Zealand as we grapple with Covid-19. It means that Country-Wide, along with other specialist rural titles, will continue to reach our farmers, keeping you informed and inspired to play your important role in the NZ economy.

For the time being, before the April issue arrives in your letterbox you can read the digital magazine here:


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