A system to grow better calves

Anne Lee Suz Wyborn was pretty happy with her calf-rearing system. A busy mum and Canterbury sharemilker milking 850 cows together with husband Joe, she’d refined her system so she could rear more than 200 calves and come out the other end of calving in one piece and sane. So she admits she was pretty sceptical when she was asked …

Smooth deliveries

Anne Hardie A calm, stress-free environment from day one where animals are treated with respect produces a quiet cow that will happily deliver throughout her life and Anthony Lamborn says there are no excuses for anything less. Lamborn manages a 700-cow herd at 650-metre altitude near Nelson’s Lake Rotoiti and is passionate about the animals in his care and that …

Biological control winning slowly

The ragwort flea beetle loves eating ragwort but doesn’t like getting its feet wet. The tiny insect’s huge appetite is saving New Zealand dairy farmers $44 million a year in control costs, a Landcare Research study has shown.

The way to spray

Whether it’s for spot-spraying weeds like ragwort and thistles or spraying out paddocks for cropping or regrassing, a spraying system is an essential piece of equipment on most dairy farms.