BY: LYNDA GRAY Lincoln University is entering a new wave of deer research. A $200,000 upgrade...
When Monash University announced that ivermectin was a possible treatment for Covid-19, the world collectively chuckled.
Virtual fencing looks to be cheaper and more effective than permanent fencing for keeping cattle out of waterways.
The Covid-19 catalysed revolution of New Zealand’s livestock trade leapt forward again last month
It took a while for Anita Kendrick to adjust to life without the use of her legs.
Anne Lee From our whanau to yours – that’s the catch phrase behind the recently...
Beef markets both at store and slaughter level within New Zealand have changed dramatically in the last six months.
Covid-19 has driven interest and use of online livestock trading channels to new heights
Lincoln University agriculture student Rachael Hoogenboom reports on life in
Hawke’s Bay deer farmer Karen Middelberg is the new North Island executive council member
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