Taking and recording a quick sample of a mob condition score can be done on a smart phone.

Rather than writing on paper, and adding and averaging the results manually, there are plenty of digital options.

At the Marlborough Merino Association Two-Tooth Ewe Competition, Mark Ferguson, Nextgen AGRI, was using the Lifetime Ewe Management app, developed by Australian Wool Innovation. He used it to quickly assess the sample mob and provide the results to the judges.

After a quick feel to assess condition, he tapped the phone pad which offered a range of scores. It vibrates to show it has recorded and keeps a running tally and average. The app has many more flock management features to it but this one feature is quite handy. It can be saved and tracked.

For cattle, Dairy NZ has the BCS Tracker app to record and track cow condition score. It also offers an app to train staff in assessing cow body condition (BCS Calibration).