Fresh from sorting things out at the drafting gate, Jane Smith lets off a little steam.

‘He who holds the drafting gate holds the power’ was in my mind as I sailed through a week of tailing, proudly flying the feminist flag while at the helm of the drafting gate. 

It has since been pointed out to me that only a fool accepts the role of drafting through the tailing yards– a thankless task where ewes speed past faster than Three Waters legislation and should you miss a lamb, every bystander will have an opinion. 

One drafting gate that needs a firm capitalist grip is the Wellington Kremlin, formerly known as the Beehive. Minister O’Connor was factually correct when he described the Labour party as “a gaggle of gays and self-serving unionists”. We have a cesspool of totally inept socialists and crazy feminazis on a green gravy train of power trips, intent on destroying every single thing that New Zealand (yes, New Zealand) was built upon. 

The convenient cover of Covid has been the ideal Trojan horse to swiftly smother socialist fairy dust over every inch of democracy. Democracy that our forebears fought and died for, under the NZ flag. 

So Rome is burning while James offShaw is dancing around the maypole with Greta and 25,000 other oxygen thieves at Cop26. 

Our ‘single-source of truth’ leader, hell-bent on creating the republic of Jacindastan –  has skipped mindlessly through the socialist handbook, straight to Chapter 12: “Control the media, control the mind”. I bore the brunt of this recently when facebook blocked a Newhaven ram advert as ‘they’ (aka the government) saw it as ‘inciting anger’, when all that I did was mention that we don’t breed socialist sheep.

The Three Waters debacle is a totally unpalatable, fraudulent concept that no NZ citizen should allow to occur. Their taxpayer-funded propaganda campaign along with their unsightly message (and unsightly messenger) are barely fit for human consumption. 

If only they had taken the time to fix a few other issues from the smorgasbord of crown negligence  – child poverty, the methamphetamine /gang epidemic, a broken health/ mental health  system, carbon farming gangsters and the housing crisis. Somewhat ironic that Clark Gayford has delivered more houses on his new TV show than his fiancée’s cabinet has.

So Rome is burning while James offShaw is dancing around the maypole with Greta and 25,000 other oxygen thieves at Cop26. 

I’m considering making a phone call to the UN to see what it would cost for us to ship Ardern, Shaw and Parker over to them a few years ahead of time. I guarantee it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than keeping them here.

My bullshit barometer is off the scale and climbing. I call for a pause to all illegitimate, unpalatable legislation and a total reset. Thank you to Groundswell for their work – the urban support for their movement has been overwhelming. 

A record lambing and calving up in the tussocks at Newhaven has been followed by a pretty robust looking schedule for both lamb and beef. With ram selling just around the corner, it has been pretty heartening to see the demand from all around the country for our Nil Drench genetics. 

Zero drenching of our sheep is paying dividends for our ram clients, and as we prepare to celebrate the 50th year of Newhaven Perendales it makes the bold decision to go drench-free over two decades ago, a pretty good one.

Farming is in a great space, if only we weren’t being hunted down by our own Government. We are stoked to have a couple of good young bucks working for us, and we look forward to hosting school groups including a ‘Teacher’s Day Out’ coming up before Christmas.

While Blair isn’t one for quotes, after a tense day together in the norwesterly-blown dusty yards he did declare that we were married for better or for worse. I’m pretty sure he meant that he couldn’t have done better and I couldn’t have done worse.