Country-Wide is New Zealand’s only dedicated pastoral and arable farming magazine, available on subscription. It is a trusted, top farm management, monthly publication focused on making farmers more money in a sustainable way.

It concentrates on what happens behind the farmgate, giving readers independent, credible and often exclusive information to help them run their farm businesses better.

The layout makes it an easy-to-read magazine full of the latest research, based on good science, technology and management practices. Country-Wide is full of relevant, down-to-earth stories and great photography, making the magazine engaging for readers.

Readers are farmers seeking continuous improvement in their farm businesses. They are looking for proven information and practices based on good science which allows them to tweak and improve their farming operations.

That’s why Country-Wide uses expert writers to drill down into the ‘how’ and ‘why’ in its stories. Our writers are experienced, award-winning agricultural journalists. They are also farmers, ex-farmers, farm consultants and agricultural science graduates – writers who know farming and what they are writing about.

Readers tell us they only have to get one idea from Country-Wide to pay for their investment in a subscription. As one subscriber said: “Country-Wide is pure gold delivered to the door”.

Dairy Exporter

Our tagline for The NZ Dairy Exporter magazine says it all. Learn, Grow, Excel. It ensures the NZ Dairy Exporter is the country’s premier dairy farm management magazine. Farmers enjoy reading about and learning from other farmers, so our experienced team of contributing writers actively seek out New Zealand’s top dairy farmers and unpack their farm and business systems so our readers can learn from them.

Every month our writers cover the latest issues, science, research and development and technology applied inside the farm gate and developments that have a positive impact on the bottom line.

The Dairy Exporter is a monthly subscription magazine delivered to 6000 subscribers but read by four times that number of readers because of its legendary pass-on rate. It stays around for many months, gracing coffee tables, kitchen tables, and dairy shed smoko room tables.

The magazine has a proud history of publishing, celebrating 100 years in 2025.
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Home block: Understanding our animals

Alexandra’s Nick Loughnan says field days can be great places to meet up with like-minded farmers and get the chance to glean a few ideas that may be worth trying out at home.

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Hairy shaker arrives on back of a truck


Undersized, hairy and shaking lambs are classic tell-tale sign of hairy shaker disease, Lynda Gray reports. The viral disease is nothing new and generally regarded as a sporadic problem in Otago and Southland. However, there were outbreaks of the disease last year in North Canterbury which vet Noel McGirr says most likely came in off the back of a truck.

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Belated calls for unity on water


For many Hurunui farmers, reading about the water debates in other regions especially the Waikato must feel like déjà vu. Our staff writers report how their plan restricted dryland and less-intensive farmers while allowing greater licence for irrigated businesses to operate.

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Young Country: Hives of industry


Entrepreneur Richard Barley’s latest foray, into manuka honey, has resulted in the successful Melita honey company, riding the huge wave of growth in the industry and producing top-quality manuka honey for export.

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